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Best time to get a new A/C unit

Why is Spring the Best Time to Install Your A/C, you ask?

First, it's the best time to beat the heat! You wouldn't want to wait when it's 100° or more, and your having family over and the A/C unit goes out. You know that’s the last thing you want to be dealing with is your HVAC needs. In the spring, not everyone is thinking of replacing their A/C unit. This will help you in several of ways. Not only will you be able to find better deals, but you’ll also have more professionals available. Homeowners in the summer, unfortunately, start looking to purchase, do repairs or want to install new units. Then you find yourself paying higher prices and experiencing longer wait times for your installation. With the increase in demand, the cost of unit prices increase, too.

For this reason alone, what are you waiting for? Spring is a great time to make a deal and install your unit early.

In Arizona when we experience an unseasonably warm spring, you can rest assure that will start much earlier than you may anticipate. In this case, an early spring installation is ideal.


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